Thanks to over ten years experience in the field of road and rail transport, Unionsped is able to offer a wide range of services, optimizing routing, delivery time schedules and costs. Multilingual personnel can get in contact with careers and consignees, representatives and cooperators, to provide the most accurate and prompt assistance and feedback.

Road transport

Unionsped team identify the best logistic solution for both full truck loads and partial loads or groupage, ranging from dedicated or express transports to planning and handling of cargo out of gauge.

Indeed our fleet, beyond standard trailers, megatrailers, low-bed, tractor-trailers, includes also following special trailers to load loose or packed goods:

  • Isothermal- and frigo-trucks to transport goods at controlled temperature, refrigerated or frozen (food products, chemicals, pharmaceutics)
  • Vans and minitrucks with payload from 1 to 6 ton, also with hydraulic tail-lift.
  • Walking-floor trucks
  • Low-bed to load cargo out of size or out of weight
  • Trucks with ADR equipment to load dangerous goods

Rail and intermodal transports

Among rendered services by Unionsped rail department we can list following:

  • goods transfer to loading station through truck service.
  • goods’ loading and fixing on wagon
  • dispatch of wagon to loading/unloading through rail-connected storages
  • assistance and organisation of transshipments for goods addressed to Countries with different rail gauge.

Exceptional transport

We can grant an accurate planning and a quality transport service of overweight and oversize goods both by rail and on wheel, providing the following services:

  • route analysis and suitable means of transport identification
  • loading/unloading operations management
  • fixing scheme elaboration and coverings
  • obtaining of specific transport permissions

Ancillary services

  • Goods’ pick up and handling in our warehouses for further delivery in integrated logistic operations
  • constant monitoring and shipment status updating in real time.
  • customs consultation and preparation of customs and accompaniment documents, also for temporary import/export clearance
  • organization of transport for high value goods through transit financial guarantee or through customs career to limit convoy’s charge.
  • ‘fast’ delivery organisation, with double driver if needed
  • all risks insurance
  • cross-trade handling