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Our history

Roots and modernity

Our roots lie in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where Patrizia Cairola, Unionsped’s General Director, runs the company together with her daugther Giorgia and her son Alberto.

Here you can find the Unionsped’s Headquarter and its main logistics hub, where new ideas, projects and resarch start, directing the company to diversification and innovation in order to provide the customers with high-added services in logistics and transport.

After several years of business and exponential growth, Unionsped acquires the third logistic hub, located in Central-North Italy. The company looks forward to the future and this vision reflects the company’s attitude toward the market and its continous changes, that is to be connected to its roots but always ready for new challanges.

A new vision of Unionsped Brand is born, reflecting the expansion of the global network, enhancing the company departments, which are complementary to each other:


Logistics and Warehousing